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The Local Action Plan (PAM in Catalan) is the main strategic planning tool that local administrations have to develop their government action. It is the local management road map as well as the tool with which budgets are prioritised during the term of office.

In the course of this new period that we begin and which I have the honour to lead, we will focus on a city strategic view, the administration modernisation and a major boost of a particular way of government based on the complicity with citizens. This is the reason why we wish to create this government plan with the widest citizenship participation.

The 2011 Local Action Plan proposal describes a prospect of city and citizenship development that collects a shared view from the four political parties, PSC (Catalonia Socialists Party), ICV – EuiA (Initiative for Catalonia – Alternative and  United Left-wing), CiU (Convergence and Union) and ERC (Catalonia Republican Left-wing), which take part of the present government staff for the 2007-2011 term. This view has been the result of a wide internal participation process. It is still a lively process, so this is a paper open to debate regarding as the whole citizenship as all town departments and services.

We are planning Sant Boi future and we have to do it all together. In this sense, I would ask you for your opinions in order to improve and enrich this paper.

Jaume Bosch Pugès
Sant Boi’s Mayor

2011 Local Action Plan strategic action axes:

We plan the future city

Sant Boi, with more than 2,500 years of history, is nowadays a dynamic city under constant transformation. Let’s take advantage of our potentials and the opportunities that we have as a city in order to transform and enhance our territory, generating wealth for the city, to be able to improve our citizenship standard of living.

Governance and Citizenship

We wish a new way of government based on an strategic leadership, the complicity with the social and economical actors and the rest of administrations, and the active participation of the citizenship, under the frame of an enterprising and safety city.

Territory and Citizenship

We wish to reach a balanced and quality development with a view to a sustainable, tidy and respectful city with the environment.

Welfare and Citizenship

We wish to promote people and community development to improve the social and territorial cohesion, the personal and community welfare, the standard of living, the coexistence, the civic-mindedness and the city education standard.

General services

We wish an efficient, effective and quality administration with a vocation for public service.

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